We are spoilt with some of the most beautiful wedding venues in Lancashire and the Ribble Valley but we love nothing more than working with brides and grooms to create their vision within a marquee or tipi.   Our team of experts is dedicated to turning your dream wedding into reality, whether it's in a marquee or tipi.

Whether your backdrop is a rural garden, field or an extension to a hotel there is huge opportunity to personalise and get creative with your wedding florals!  Consider incorporating local or seasonal flowers to add a unique touch to your wedding florals.

We’ve detailed some of our favourite ideas to showcase your marquee wedding to it’s full potential: 

Make an entrance

Give guests a hint of what’s to come as they enter the marquee and provide added interest for a blank canvas. Create anticipation for the event by offering a sneak peek upon entering the marquee, adding intrigue to a blank space.

Reach new heights

Floral installations can be made from the roof space, allowing an immersive guest experience, and attracts the eye to move around the marquee.   The strategic placement of floral installations adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any event.

Floral focal point

Floral hoops or flower clouds look spectacular in a marquee and have the added benefit of bringing the roof of the marquee down. These can have a massive wow factor in any marquee wedding. Create a stunning focal point with floral hoops or flower clouds in your marquee setup.


Utilise dead space

Marquees can feel quite large and spacious. There may be some areas that feel empty due to the venue’s size or layout. Filling in those dead spaces with trees or other decoration options can create an intimate wedding feel.


Use colour

The white walls of your marquee present an excellent opportunity to add colour with your floral palette, linen, or tableware. Design a floral scheme and colour palette that runs throughout your wedding.  Consider incorporating a variety of flowers in different shades to create a cohesive look.

Bring the outside in

Take inspiration from the surroundings of the marquee. Create a secret garden by using wild, naturalistic designed flowers and foliage.  Utilize the natural elements surrounding the marquee to craft a serene garden atmosphere with carefully-selected wild flowers and foliage.

Mix short and tall centrepieces

A combination of short and tall centrepieces help make a space feel vibrant and full and allow the eye to wonder.  Short centrepieces are ideal for adding depth and intimacy, while tall centrepieces create a sense of grandeur and elegance.

Dress the poles

Marquees tend to have poles and unique features that you should most definitely take full advantage of!  Garlands with luscious greenery or flowers add further interest to the overall look. Marquees offer a unique opportunity to showcase your creativity and personalize the space with garlands of luscious greenery or vibrant flowers.

If you are getting married and want to discuss your marquee wedding tipi wedding, please get in touch.

During your initial consultation, we’ll chat about where you want your wow-moment to be and how we can create it using the most gorgeous seasonal flowers.


Michelle Batty